Saturday 18 May 2024
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Humidors – A Must-Have For Any Cigar Connoisseur

Cigars are a unique and iconic experience to savor. Many people simply regard them as large cigarettes, but they could not be more different. Cigars are sophisticated, with deep cultural and historical significance.

Anyone who is an aficionado will know that preserving cigars is something to be taken very seriously. If you ask any person with experience or an interest in cigars, they will tell you that the most important item to have is a humidor. Just like cigars, humidors come in different styles and from various brands. But they all serve the same purpose: protecting your cigars and providing the best possible atmosphere for preservation.

How a Humidor Preserves Your Cigars

Humidors have the same basic components and functions. Humidors have traditionally been made from wood, although metal is becoming more prevalent. Emphasis is always placed on having a tight seal, and the two most important things are a hygrometer and a humidifier.

The humidifier keeps the moisture content high, while the hygrometer measures and regulates moisture levels. Many will also have a thermometer to monitor the temperature within.The humidor maintains adequate temperature and relative humidity levels to keep them as close to ideal as possible. For your cigars, 70% humidity and 70°C, give or take a few points, are the preferred ambiance.

Why Is Maintaining Temperature And Humidity Necessary For Preserving Cigars?

Cigars only last a long time when they are kept within very specific conditions. Cigars contain tobacco, which is a plant grown in humid, cool climates. Also, the aging process is crucial to enhancing flavor.

To keep the tobacco fresh, it has to be maintained at the same temperature and humidity in which it was processed. That is why the best humidors will keep your cigar in a state identical or as close as possible to that of the cultivation, fermentation, and rolling of the cigars.

Cigar Humidors Are Worth the Investment

Humidors are perfectly able to preserve your cigars in perfect smoking condition. Without a humidor, cigars will dry out and burn too quickly as well as unevenly. Even worse, dryness robs cigars of flavor and quality. On the other hand, finding the right cigar humidor for you preserves your cigars for up to five years.