Wednesday 6 December 2023
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5 Garage Shed Storage Ideas

For the bulk of us, our garage sheds are there to help store all sorts of different tools, vehicles, equipment and other junk that we don’t want in the house. It’s pretty easy for these garages to quickly become the “throw it away and forget about it” section of our homes. However, with a few simple changes, you can make sure that your storage solutions in your shed are spot on. As shed experts, we’re here to get your garage sheds in order, laying out 5 simple storage ideas so that you know exactly where everything is the next time you wander into your garage.

  1. Clear floor space 

One thing that we often forget about when putting all sorts of tools and junk in our garage sheds is that the floor isn’t the only place to store things. If you’re wanting to declutter your garage, think about clearing up your floor space by having tool hangers on the walls. Not only will you be storing them in a safe way, but they’ll also be easy to find next time you’re scratching your head on where that trusty old hammer has gone.

The same goes for those bulkier items like bicycles, as you can easily install mounts from the ceiling or on the side walls to hang your bikes on.

  1. Shelving Units 

Installing some reliable shelving units is another great shed storage idea to get the most out of your space, and also free up more room on the floor in the process. You might want to even make it a DIY project for you and the family to cut up some plywood and construct some shelves. Otherwise, you can take the easy option and buy some freestanding shelves to place in your shed. Make sure that you use labelled storage boxes or containers, so that you can store these easily on the shelves, and makes life easier for yourself when you need to pull stuff down.

  1. Car Hoist 

This is one for those of you that have got a large shed with a lot of ceiling room to work with. If you’re often tinkering on your cars in your garage shed, you might want to think about installing a car hoist to get your car off the ground. You’ll be keeping your pride and joy safe and also opening up the floor space for you to move around easier. It’s also perfect for that second car of yours that doesn’t get much use and needs a safe and secure storage space.

  1. Pegboard 

Our garage sheds can be used for all sorts of purposes and if you’re someone who likes to take on woodwork projects or little creative jobs at home you’ll definitely want a pegboard that you can store tools and other smaller bits of equipment from. These are simple to install and you’ll be able to have all those tools laid out in front of you, instead of having to dig through an old toolbox each time you’re working on a home project.

  1. Reuse Old Jars 

It’s time to get some more use of those old jars that are hanging around the house and use them for storage in the garage. These little jars are perfect for putting all those little bolts, screws or nails in that easily get lost in other boxes or throughout the shed. If you want to take this to the next level with another quick DIY job, you can attach the lid of these jars to a small shelf, so that way when you screw the jars in place, so that way you know exactly where to find them.

Your garage shed storage is always going to be a work in progress, so don’t worry about trying to get it right in just a couple of hours. If you’re running out of room, or want to make an upgrade, talk to top quality shed builders in Perth today, to ensure you get a brand new shiny garage shed that’s built to last.