Tuesday 23 July 2024
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Blinds vs. Shades – Which Custom Window Treatment is the Best in LA?

When remodeling a home, most buyers look for window treatment options. But, with so many options to select from, it is not easy to find the best one. That is mainly because popular window coverings like blinds and shades not just contribute to the aesthetics of the house but also add functionality. While some offer privacy, some offer a better design or sunlight protection. And then comes the top favorites – custom window treatment options.

Custom Blinds and Shades in Los Angeles are available in specialty window covering stores and online outlets. Los Angeles, the world-famous Southern California city, is home to the Hollywood film industry. The lifestyle of more than 12.48 million people living in the city resonates with art and culture. It is rather transparent to realize how people value quality products.

So, blinds and shades are there on the table. The question is – what should you get for your home? Get some ideas from this article.

Custom Blinds and Shades – Where’s the difference?

These are the most common window covering options used by most LA households. The terms are used interchangeably and sometimes even confused. Firstly, these are two different types of coverage options, and there are more differences to that.

Blinds are structured window coverings that feature slats. These slats can be titled to open or close accordingly. Shades, usually made of softer textiles, are like a single covering. They are much less agile than blinds, which are made of wood, woven bamboo, faux wood, aluminum, vinyl, etc. On the other hand, shades are of different styles like – cellular, roman, roller and so on.

Regardless, both blinds and shades serve the standard function of covering windows. Depending on the buyer’s specific preferences, they can serve different purposes like privacy, light control, decoration, etc.

What to Buy If Looking for Optimum Light Control?

It begins with the question – how much sunlight in the room is enough for you? Or are there specific times when you want to omit or allow sunlight? Buyers should ask these questions to ensure that their choices are less tangled.

Blinds are the best options for those looking for variable light control. One can simply tilt the slats to direct how much sunlight enters. If you are looking for a clear view of the outside, you can raise the blinds.

Compared to that, shades are a better choice if you are looking to have faded sunlight instead of no sunlight at all. Shades, upon being closed, produce a soothing ambiance with a soft and warm glow. It doesn’t sacrifice privacy, though.

Which Window Covering provides the Best Insulation?

When it comes to insulation, shades do a better job than blinds in either blocking sun’s rays to keep the interiors cooler or blocking interior warmth from escaping. Of the different types, cellular shades are the best option as they provide maximum energy efficiency. It is not wise to go for blinds if you are looking for insulation, as they are poor insulators.

Wrapping Up

Custom Blinds and Shades in Los Angeles are some of the most chosen window covering options. Cellular shades for one bedroom might cost around $300-350 in LA, depending on the company. On the other hand, a typical wood blind might cost around $150-225 on average.