Tuesday 23 July 2024
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Common Problems Florida Homeowners Face During Summer

Owning a home in Florida is amazing for so many reasons. A lot of people invest in real estate here because of how affordable it is and because both living and vacationing in Florida are wonderful. There are so many pros to being able to spend the summer in Florida. But, there are some cons as well. A lot of Florida homeowners actually hate summertime because it brings a lot of problems into their homes. There are unfortunately some problems Florida homeowners face during summer that sometimes are easy to handle and sometimes not. They are not easy to handle when you are not aware of them. This is why reading this article will make having a home in Florida much easier as you will know about some of the most common problems that can occur during summertime. These problems can occur in almost any Florida home which is why it is best to be prepared for them in advance.


As Florida is a coastal state there is a lot of water there. Not only from the ocean but there are lots of rivers and lakes in Florida as well. So, no matter where in Florida you own a home, having your home flooded during summer is a possibility. This is because the water level rises during the summer months because of the rains that occur often.

Having your home flooded sure is a very big issue to have to deal with. This is why you have to do your best to prevent this from happening. And just how can you do so? There are a couple of things you can do. The first thing you have to do before summer starts is to check whether the storm drains are clogged. These storm drains are everywhere and cleaning them regularly is important if you want to keep your home safe from flooding.

Florida coast

Water level rises during summertime in Florida.

You also need to check the gutters and downspouts near your home. These are there for the excess water to have a way out. But if there is dirt and debris in them, the water will not be able to go away. This is why you have to clean this before summer as well. You do not have to do this yourself. You can hire professionals to handle these tasks.

Poisonous Bufo toads

If you have been living in Florida for a while you have certainly heard about Bufo toads and just how dangerous they are. Invasions of these poisonous toads are a very common problems Florida homeowners face during summer. Especially those with backyards and pets. These toads are deadly for pets and in some cases, even children have unfortunately suffered severe poisonings because of these frogs.

If they appear in your backyard, you should definitely call experts. It would be best to immediately leave your home. Some extreme cases exist where people have ended up having to relocate from their homes because of these frogs and how many of them there were.

If you find yourself in such a situation, moving is always possible and can be made easy. You should definitely leave the transfer to experts. You do not want to have to deal with avoiding these creatures that could harm you and your family. But definitely have an exterminator get rid of as many of these toads as possible.

Bufo toad

Bufo toad invasion is not what you want to have to deal with.

A lot of mold

As you know that there is a lot of water in Florida, and there is also a lot of humidity. And where there is humidity, there is also lots of mold. And some of it can actually be not only damaging to your home but toxic for people as well. This is definitely not a problem you want to deal with as it causes an unpleasant smell and a renovation is needed in most cases after the mold appears which is an extra expense. And not a small one of course.

To prevent mold from appearing inside of your Florida home, you need to keep the interior dry and clean. Definitely make sure to not have any leaks inside of your home. Check your pipes every couple of months. It is better to be safe than sorry. After all, this is what a good homeowner should do. You also have to clean your home regularly. By doing this, you will prevent the appearance of mold but you will also notice it much sooner if it does somehow appear. Keep your home dry. Do not cover the floors completely with carpets because this can stop you from seeing any mold that appears. And mold spreads very fast. This is why noticing it on time is very important.

Before you know it, it can spread everywhere and ruin your lovely Florida home. If this end up happening, sometimes it is much better to simply relocate to another home rather than to have to fix the issue in your current one. If you decide to do that, is a company that can make relocation easier.

Moldy walls is one of the most common problems Florida homeowners face during summer.


Although lovebugs cannot do any damage to your home, pets or family, they are quite annoying. And summer is their mating season. This is when they are looking for dry places where there is no wind. And these of course are houses. When they appear, they appear in very large numbers. Especially after mating. And as they are very small, they are not easy to get rid of at all. To prevent lovebugs from entering your Florida home, you should install screens on windows and doors or you can also use an exterior fan. This will keep them away from your home.

Wild animals appearance

In Florida, there also are a lot of wild animals just roaming around. Animals such as alligators are probably your biggest worry. To stop them from getting into your yard and potentially harming your family, pet, or home, you should have a tall fence. This will most likely keep them away. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee this will keep them completely away as they find various ways to enter your property if they want to do so.