Saturday 18 May 2024
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Cost-Effective Fire Protection for your Business Premises

As you are no doubt aware, you do need to have adequate fire protection at your place of work, which is something your insurer insists upon, and if you have recently opened a business and have yet to arrange for fire protection, you’ll be happy to learn that there are specialist companies who carry our this service for their clients.

Consult with an Expert

Whether you are looking for fire protection in Bristol or Marlborough, calling in an expert will ensure that your commercial premises complies with local legislation. If you make contact with the right company, they will give you a free fire risk assessment, and would outline what is needed to make your commercial premises safe.

Aspects of Fire Protection

The following are all included in a fire protection service:

  1. Adequate number of fire extinguishers
  2. Signage for emergency exits
  3. Fire and smoke alarms
  4. Drilling staff for fire evacuation

Fire suppression systems operate powerful sprinklers, which can extinguish a fire before it takes hold, and these systems are not expensive to install, and they work 24/7, ensuring that any signs of fire are quickly extinguished.

Fire Training

Your staff should know exactly what to do in the event of a fire, and the training also educates your employees about different types of fire and how best to deal with them. The same company that assesses your fire protection needs can also train your staff, and with an evacuation procedure in place, should the worst happen, there will not likely be loss of life.