Saturday 18 May 2024
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Deep Cleaning: Making Sure Your Home is Truly Clean

Upon entering a room, you can easily see which areas people don’t clean. You might notice a huge pile of laundry. Or the kitchen sink is full of dirty pans, pots, or dishes. That happens because people hate touching dirty things. You should remember that you can still find hidden dangers that you regularly rub on your faces, roll around on all night, or put in your mouths. It might help to have a regular cleaning routine.

But despite that, things can still be dirtier than you expect. Below is a list of things that you don’t usually clean. Educate yourself about what to do about them to keep your home healthier, happier, and cleaner.

Doorknobs and Frames

You often ignore the doorknobs or door frames that your family touches daily. Despite the number of times you touch them, it’s surprising how little you think of cleaning and sanitizing them. Both might not appear dirty, but they can be the breeding grounds for harmful bacteria and germs.

In planning your cleaning routine, start with the doorknobs and door frames. Use an unused cloth to wipe them down. Or use a disinfectant to eliminate hidden dirt.

Under Your Carpets

Your carpets can be helpful if you have uninvited guests. If you notice unsightly dirt on the floor, your guts will tell you to kick them under the carpet before your guests see them. You might have to deal with dormant dust particles lying under the rug if you did that. Lift that rug and start cleaning if you want to keep your family safe.

Make sure to clean your rugs fortnightly, not daily. Lift it and turn it upside down. Then, clean its underside using a vacuum cleaner and place it under the sun to help get rid of the germs stuck on it for a long time.

Kitchen Drawers

You might have arranged your utensils according to need, preference, and size, but that doesn’t mean your kitchen drawers and cabinets are always clean. To guests, it’ll seem organized, but you know that it’s not the truth. Most people have the habit of organizing their kitchens without cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Bear in mind the kitchen is where you prepare your family’s meals and store your food, so it needs to be clean.

Begin with emptying the cabinets and drawers. Take the utensils out. Then, use a wet cloth to clean the drawers and cabinets. Make sure to leave them open to dry before putting everything back on those shelves again.

HVAC Filters and Vents

If you have a central AC, that means you’re using ductwork that connects the system to your living room. Both cold and hot air goes out through the vents and returns through the air handling system. If the returning air is full of pollen and dust particles, it’ll linger in your home. You can find different filters, from trusted HEPA products to cheap mesh.

In cleaning these areas, clean the vents properly. You’ll breathe easier if you have much cleaner indoor air. You can also invest in professional duct cleaning services if you can’t find the time to clean your vents due to your busy schedules.

Under Your Microwave

You only clean the microwave’s platform, but not underneath it. You should develop the habit of cleaning its underside because the food crumbs lying there might attract pests or insects that damage your kitchen. If you haven’t cleaned this area, change that habit. Mix baking soda, vinegar, and water and use that solution to clean the underside.

Leave them for a few minutes so that the ingredients will do their jobs. Then, scrape off the gunk and dirt before wiping it with a damp cloth.

Behind the Toilet Bowl

No homeowner wants to clean the bathroom, let alone the toilet bowls. However, it’s something you should do. Keeping the bathroom floors and toilet seat clean is needed, but don’t forget to clean behind the bowl and make sure you regularly clean the hard-to-reach corners. Others might find it hard to reach there, but grime, dirt, and dust will start forming if you don’t clean them enough.

That will only increase the germs in your bathroom, making it more important to clean these areas. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust behind the seat. If you don’t have a vacuum, you can use a broom to clean off the trapped dirt behind the bowl.

More and more people don’t have the time to thoroughly clean their homes at this age, but that shouldn’t be the case.