Saturday 18 May 2024
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Five Ways to Furnish Vacation Rentals for Modern Travelers

Designing a vacation home can be pretty challenging. You want to ensure it fits the diverse tastes of modern travelers and vacationers. Furnishing vacation rentals is all about offering a comfortable and relaxing experience for your guests. In fact, some homeowners work with interior designers, contractors, and even roofing professionals to make sure that everything is in order. So if you plan to have your vacation home rented, here are ways to satisfy your prospective guests.

Decorate with intention

Fight the urge to jump right into decorating and picking your favorite colors and themes. Remember, you’re designing your vacation home for other people and not for yourself. It shouldn’t reflect your personal taste, but it should be universal enough to fit the tenant’s preference. Still, you don’t want your home to look like a standard hotel room. You can make it unique by adding a bit of flair.

Still, you have full control over how you want the house to feel. If you plan to rent the house for younger clients, you can make it energizing, bright, and edgy to hold fun parties. Otherwise, you can turn it into a homey, private sanctuary for family vacations. The key is to transform the overall ambiance of the house depending on your desired feel so you can easily decide on the rest of the design, including its theme.

Discover what modern vacationers want

When searching for vacation homes, travelers look for places where they can experience luxury and privacy. Modern travelers also want homes that are minimal, clean, exclusive, and well-decorated. It should also have adequate seating for families and groups of friends.

If your home is on the beachside, provide equipment and extra towels for guests who want to go on a dip. If you have a private pool, consider adding a grill and patio to bring a full picnic experience.

Avoid matching furniture sets

It’s easy to buy a matching set of furniture, including dressers, nightstands, and beds. You save yourself from the time and struggle of choosing styles and comparing prices. But according to design experts, matching furniture sets are a major design faux pas. The same goes for matching bedsheet ensembles. It isn’t only an outdated trend, but it makes a home look unoriginal and sterile. Real style begins with layering pieces.

Use design techniques to achieve the proper layering. For this, you have to determine whether a design suits your design goals. Next, consider the contrast, rhythm, scale, color, and proportions. This will avoid causing visual chaos and throwing random, uncoordinated stuff together.

When picking furniture, make sure they’re functional for the guests. This works for small vacation homes with limited space. It can be a pullout sofa, movable coffee table, storage stool, nesting tables, and shelf floor lamp. These small touches can make your home look innovative and unique while being functional at the same time.

Avoid hard-to-clean items

Avoid pieces that are impossible and hard to clean and maintain. During peak seasons, guests will book your home for consecutive days, leaving no room for deep cleaning. Items that are tricky to maintain include shag or high-pile rugs that are tough to clean with a vacuum and comforters and throw pillows you can’t easily fit in a washing machine.

When renting vacation homes, floors are essential to housekeeping. You have to eliminate soft surfaces since guests don’t always remove their shoes upon entrance. A great tip is to replace wall-to-wall carpeting with non-porous flat surfaces. During the winter months, top the flooring with an area rug for extra warmth.

Make it look current

Many homeowners opt to place their discarded furniture in their vacation homes. Although this can save you a lot of money, relying too much on old furniture and decoration can easily put off your guests.

No traveler wants to feel as if they stepped inside into a time machine. Vacationers expect the same comforts and amenities they have at home or even a better version of it. But this doesn’t mean you should spend a lot of cash to fully furnish your vacation home. Tag sales and consignment shops are acceptable sources of modern furniture. Then, amp up the walls by putting on a fresh coat of bright, neutral colors to make the ambiance look stylish and clean.

When designing your vacation home, you have to be pretty serious about styling it. You have to ensure your home is appealing enough in booking sites and accommodate as many guests as possible. In the end, it’s all about making their stay a comfortable and memorable one.

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