Saturday 2 March 2024
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Home Décor Tips Using Shag Rugs!

There’s no denying how shag rugs are officially back within the home décor industry. Interior designers and professional decorators all over America are reinvigorating properties with this ultra-chic, unique area rug style that’s evolved a lot since its 1970s originations.

Today in 2023, there are several ways that people are using shag rugs within their homes. Shag rugs are now more durable and versatile than ever before, and the industry experts at Rug Source have partnered up with us to create this list of tips oriented around using shag rugs within your property’s décor.

So here are some home décor tips that feature shaggy rugs!

Bringing Some Extra Glamour To Your Living Room With Shag Rugs 

Your living room is one of the more prominent spaces within your home, but everyone uses their living rooms differently. If you aren’t hanging out in your living room on a daily basis with kids and pets, then a shag rug could be good option for this more intimate space.

And when you do implement shag rugs into your living room, you’ll immediately create a sense of warmth and comfort. Nothing feels more glamorous then lying down on a shag rug next to a fireplace, and this type of aesthetic can provide some extra fanciness to your home.

The plush pile designs from shaggy rugs will make you want to slip your shoes off and relax in your living room with bona fide glamour!

Keep It Cozy Underneath Your Work Desk With a Shag Rug 

Tons of people have transitioned to remote working since the start of the pandemic, and this means we’re all still figuring out how exactly we want to design our home offices. So if you’re currently wondering how you can spice up your home office’s décor, then a shag rug just might be the perfect option for you.

Burying your feet into a shag rug underneath your desk can provide a relaxing feeling while you’re maintaining your daily productivity. And because these household areas rarely get any foot traffic, you won’t need to worry too much about your shag rug’s durability.

So shag rugs are also a great option for when you’re looking to spice things up a little bit in your home office!

Use Shaggy Rugs as a Bedside Décor Accent 

It’s always a great feeling when your first and last steps of each day are on a cozy area rug, which is why a lot of people are now placing shag rugs in their bedrooms. This rug style is a great accent piece for your bedside area, and the extra cushion from this high-pile design is also good for your bed frame.

Another awesome bedroom idea with shaggy rugs is to place a colorful rug in your kid’s room. This is a great rug style for kids because it offers a soft play area that’s cushy and safe for little ones!

Creating Soft Landings in Your Nursery

The high piles in shag rugs are also great for nurseries, because it helps babies learn and grow while being on a safe surface. Little ones love shag rugs because it gives them something to hold onto while they’re learning to crawl and walk, and any accidental tumbles are very forgiving on shaggy rugs.

One tip to keep in mind for this rug investment is to purchase a colorful shag rug, because this will make it a little easier to transition your nursery into a playroom once your child is a little bit older.

Create a Relaxing Reading Spot in Your Den

Every home needs a spot where you can relax and rest up with a great book. But these types of cozy household areas are incomplete without an area rug, and shaggy rugs just so happen to be the perfect option for your den’s reading nook.

The ultra-soft touch of shaggy rugs makes for a reading paradise, so this is definitely a home décor concept that’s growing in popularity everywhere!

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