Saturday 18 May 2024
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How Long Does Roof Installation Take? (What to Expect)

Getting a new roof is a process that homeowners typically have tons of questions about as it can be a stressful project. However, we’re here to alleviate the stress quite a bit by going over some detail about how long roof installation takes. Many homeowners are worried about the amount of time it takes for a new roof to be installed because of the exposure to elements, their family needs, or even just needing to know how long workers will be in and out of their homes. If you have questions about how long it takes a roof to be installed then we’ve got the answers for you. 

How Long Does It Take To Install A New Roof?

When it comes to figuring out how long it takes to install a new roof, there are a lot of factors that play into this. It’s quite hard to figure out how long it’ll take for a new roof to be installed exactly because it might be different for every home. This information is presented by our roofers who complete roof installation in Waltham, MA.

Here are a few of the factors that it depends on when it comes to figuring out how long it takes a roof to be installed. 

  • The size of your home/roof

The size of your home and roof can affect the amount of time it takes for the roofers to get the job done because of course, for a larger roof or home it will take longer than a smaller roof or home. 

  • The roofing material used

Some roofing materials are much easier to install than others. Some take longer because there are smaller sections that have to be worked on at a time and some take a shorter amount of time because the whole roof can be done almost at one time. 

  • Weather and climate 

The weather plays a huge factor because roofers can’t work in the rain or snow. These weather conditions could cause damage to your roof or home, and they can make working difficult for the roofers. 

  • Accessibility of your home and roof

Some homes and roofs are much easier to get to than others. Some homes are right under trees which can make getting to the roof difficult. 

  • The complexity of the job

Depending on the type of material, type of roof, and other factors, some jobs are just more complex than others. Some sloped roofs are harder to work with than flat roofs and other conditions might affect the complexity of the job. 

  • Damages to the old roof

If there are damages to the old roof that need to be addressed then this can take a bit of time before the actual new installation takes place. 

With all this taken into consideration, the average amount of time it takes to replace or install a new roof is about one to three days. Although, some roofs can be completed within one day or it could take as long as five days. If you’re looking to get an accurate estimate based on your particular roof then you can contact a roofing company. They will help determine how long the project will be based on your roofing type, material, accessibility, and location. 

Can A Roof Be Done In One Day?

Typically, most roofs can be completed in a couple of days, but sometimes the job can be done in one day. However, this isn’t always a possibility if the roof is on the larger side, if the material is more difficult to work with, or if the weather doesn’t cooperate. There are tons of factors that go into this, so we recommend just expecting your roof to be done within three days, but probably not done within the first day. 

A new roof installation can be quite difficult to work with if you have pets or children, so knowing how long the process can take is essential. It’s possible to still live in your home while the roof installation is taking place, but it will most definitely interrupt your daily lives especially if you have a family with children. 

Final Thoughts

We know that getting a new roof installation can be quite disruptive, so planning for it in advance is always a great idea. However, that can be kind of difficult if you don’t know what to expect or how long the project will take. We recommend expecting the new roof installation to take about one to three days but be prepared as it can take up to five days. 

As we stated, if you’re looking for a more accurate timeframe then you should contact a roofing company. They will help you determine how long it will take for new roof installation for your particular size of the home, location, accessibility, and other factors. This can help you better prepare for the roof installation which can make for a much more pleasant experience.