Saturday 18 May 2024
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How To Embrace The Terrazzo Trend In Your Interior

Terrazzo tiles have quickly become the new trend and we know why! Terrazzo is incredibly versatile, durable, water resistant and can be used across many different appliances. Whether you are using a terrazzo tile to fill the entire space, as a feature wall, as a splashback or you have multiple terrazzo accessories, you sure have a variety of colours, textures and designs available to choose from.

History of Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles can be traced back to Venice, Italy as early as the 15th century when odd-sized, stone offcuts were reused in order to prevent waste from marble slabs. Small marble rocks were put in clay and grinded flat in order to have a comfortable walking surface. In the late 1700s terrazzo made its way to the US having its first sighting famously in George Washington’s Mt. Vernon home. Although Terrazzo flooring was seen as being the floor of Kings and Queens, it has become a contemporary, accessible everyday flooring option seen in bathroom and kitchen walls, shopping centres, on appliances and accessories as well as floors.


The options for using Terrazzo are endless because of its design, low cost, maintenance level and cleanliness. Terrazzo can be used in multiple spaces such as:

On benchtops

If you are struggling to find the perfect benchtop, why not try Terrazzo? It is sleek and understated but works well for messes that are made in the kitchen as it disguises marks more than a one toned bench would. A Terrazzo bench adds dimension and colour to an all white kitchen and is easily matched with kitchen appliances, making the benchtop stand out in the space.

Tiles and feature walls

Searching for the perfect tile is often a struggle but the beauty of Terrazzo tiles is that they come in so many different colours, are durable and require minimal maintenance. Terrazzo Clay tiles are suitable for both floors and walls. They look incredible when used as a bathroom floor or shower feature wall, or as feature tiles on a kitchen splashback. Using a light Terrazzo tile from floor to ceiling in a bathroom brings brightness and openness to the space.


Terrazzo comes in every kind of accessory you can think of these days from candle holders, trays, nightstands, bathroom accessories, shower curtains to cups. If you want to add colour and attitude to a space, it’s simple to add Terrazzo accessories.

Kitchen Splashbacks

As Terrazzo is highly resistant to heat, durable, and timeless, it makes it the perfect kitchen splashback choice. It easily hides stains and quick messes but is equally as easy to clean in a rush as it is as simple as using a wet cloth.

Office space

Using a Graphite Terrazzo in an office space creates a slick, professional environment but is also is a great option for a space that has a lot of foot traffic. A large space can often appear cold and dated but using this tile is desirable as it’s timeless and is easily paired with homely furniture and plants as well as warm lights.

Who can use Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a great option for people who are wanting to make a timeless design statement in their home, whether it is just in one room or continued throughout the home. Using Terrazzo as a shower feature wall and as bathroom tiles, then bringing it into the kitchen as well can create a consistency and flow throughout the house. It is a simple yet eye catching way to start a conversation about your design choices with friends and family.

Design characteristics

The beauty of Terrazzo, especially tiles, is that no two tiles are the same. They are highly diverse with different types of textures, speckling, dotting, patterns, curves, lines and colours making them specifically interesting to look at. As Terrazzo is so versatile it can be used as any type of design feature including as a statement piece or subtly.

The influence of social media

It’s without question that social media is where people get their design inspirations, specifically from Pinterest and Instagram. When there are trends on social media especially in the design space it is for good reason. Searches for Terrazzo have almost tripled in the last few years as people start to incorporate it into their homes. As Terrazzo is so versatile and accessible to beginner designers as well as experienced ones, it’s so easily incorporated into a space. Terrazzo is constantly being exposed to the general public in the use of stores, cafes, high end restaurants and showrooms making it a top of mind design choice when choosing a tile for a space.