Saturday 18 May 2024
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Is Hard Water Bad for You?

Have you noticed stains on your appliances and clothes? Are you suffering from skin and hair irritation despite using treatments? The hard water you’re using could cause all these.

What is hard water? It refers to water quality determined by the minerals. Magnesium, calcium, and other minerals comprise hard water.

Most water found in the USA is hard water. However, businesses and homeowners use a filtration system to remove the extra minerals. It prevents them from consuming too many minerals, which can be harmful.

Is hard water bad for you? Read on to discover some of the effects of hard water.

1. Puts Your Health at Risk

Is hard water bad for you? Drinking and using hard water can put your health at risk. The health issues you can get are kidney dysfunction, skin irritation, and hair damage.

As mentioned, hard water contains calcium. The blood starts to consume more calcium than you need. With this, the kidney tries harder to filter it.

The oxalate and non-organic calcium in hard water creates kidney stones when combined.

Hard water can irritate your skin. The minerals strip away the natural oil of the skin, leaving it dry. The soap residue clogs the pores when it accumulates, which can then cause eczema or acne.

Hard water has the same effect on your hair as well. It’s hard to rinse your hair, creating buildup. The residue left behind causes hair irritation.

Calcium, magnesium, and other minerals cause dryness, thinning, and breakage of hair, too. In addition, it can lead to the accumulation of dandruff.

2. Stains and Soap Scum Everywhere

Using hard water can stain your sinks, faucets, and bathtubs. It can leave white or yellow streaks on your clothes, too. The minerals composing hard water cause the stain.

The continuous use of hard water allows the minerals to build up on the surfaces of your appliances. It can appear as white, yellow, or rust-colored. You need to wipe and scrub off the surfaces to remove the stains.

However, it would reappear again unless you install an outside water filtration system. It filters the mineral found in the water, producing clean and soft water.

Soap scum is a typical sight as well. Soap scum refers to the white or gray film on your bathroom wall, shower curtain, and sink. Combining hard water and soap creates the white film.

3. Clogged Pipes and High Bills

Clogged pipes are another problem you can encounter with hard water. The water evaporates when you heat the hard water, leading minerals to solidify. Then, the mineral deposits start to build up inside when ignored.

The scale deposits lower the pressure and disrupt water flow. It can lead to leaks and damaged pipes as well.

The water leakage increases your water bill. With this, you need to ask help from a professional to fix it, resulting in more payments.

Is Hard Water Bad for You? Here’s Why

These are the common problems using hard water, answering the question, “Is hard water bad for you?”

Using hard water in your home affects both your health and lifestyle. You can suffer from several health problems when exposed to hard water. It damages and stains your appliances, too.

With this, it’s best to install a water filtration system to remove the minerals in your water. You can check and visit our website for more useful articles!