Wednesday 6 December 2023
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Moving house checklist

Whether you’re upgrading to your dream home, moving to a new state for a change of pace, or relocating for a great new job opportunity, there’s a lot to do when you’re moving house. If you’re planning a move in the future, it can be helpful to have a checklist on hand, helping you to remember and manage some of the key steps of moving. Here’s our list to guide you through that middle ground, where you’ve found your new home, but haven’t moved in yet.

Have your essentials on-hand

First of all, you never really want to pack your toothbrush, deodorant, phone charger, wallet, ID, change of clothes, and other essentials. If there’s anything you can’t live without for a day or two, put it in a bag, and keep that bag out of the removal van. Instead, keep this bag with you at all times. This means that even if the worst happens and your move gets delayed, you’ve still got everything you need to manage for the immediate future

Get decorating now to save time

If you’ve got access to the property before your move-in date, it can be a great idea to get started on the decoration while the place is empty. Whether you’re painting the walls in a fresh color that you prefer, or preparing picture rail hooks for a gallery wall, it can be much easier and quicker to do this before your furniture gets moved in.

Pack all your fragile belongings carefully

If you’ve got any fragile or precious items, it’s worth taking extra care while packing these. Even if the removal company is packing everything for you, you should always pack your most precious items yourself. This way, you’ll know for certain that your most prized possessions are safe.

Handle the change-of-address

Dealing with the dreaded change of address can be intimidating, but you need to make sure you do it. Make a list of every company or individual that could possibly have your address, even online shops and distant relatives. This will help make sure that you won’t miss anything or anyone important. It’s also worth setting up postal forwarding, as there’s still a chance that couriers will deliver items to your old address if you don’t update it.

Check the utilities are set up

If you’re planning to walk into your new home and get it set up straight away, there’s nothing worse than having no electricity or gas. Before you arrive at your new home, make certain that the utilities are on, even if this means making an extra trip out early to check.

Have a final clean

This goes for both the home you’re leaving and the one you’re moving into. Whoever will be living in your old home will appreciate having a lovely clean house to settle into. It’s also worth carrying out a thorough cleaning of your new property if you want to ensure that it meets your standards of hygiene. The best way is of course to hire a professional cleaning company that will have both properties shining in no time.

Get any furry friends ready for the journey

If you’ve got a canine companion or a feline friend (or any other pet) in your life, it can be a challenge to help them move in and adjust to a new home. If you’re worried about moving house with your pet, it’s always worth getting advice from your vet. There are plenty of techniques you can use to help a pet feel more at home, as well as medication that vets can prescribe in order to make it less stressful for them.

Take a few days off work

If you can, taking a few days off work will help make the whole process less stressful. This way you can easily be on-hand and oversee the whole moving process. Even if you’re using a removal company, it’s a good idea to be there, checking everything is going smoothly. Taking time off work also means that you’re not having to split your concentration on multiple things, and you can instead focus on moving into your lovely new home.

Remember to eat and rest

Moving can be stressful, no matter who you hire, where you’re moving to, or even how wonderful your new home is. Throughout it all, remember that you still need to eat, rest, and find some way to relax. This will help the whole process be less tiring.

Moving house: Conclusion

Moving house is exciting and stressful in equal parts. To make your move easier, be sure to go through some of our simple steps ahead of time, such as decorating before you move in, making sure all the paperwork and utilities are set up before the transition, and giving your furry friends a helping hand settling in. If you approach it methodically, your house move can be simpler and easier.