Tuesday 23 July 2024
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Popular Tile Patterns For Your Home

Tiles are perfect for your interior design for home. You can use them to create beautiful floor designs for your home and even wall designs. The best part about tiles is that you get lots of tile floor colours and designs. Although choosing the material is not very difficult, you will face a lot of confusion while selecting the tile design. There are innumerous designs available. However, you cannot rush the decision as it will impact the overall look of your home interiors. Besides the tile floor colour design, pay attention to the tile pattern. The patterns play a very crucial role as well. However, always remember that the pattern depends not only on the designs of the tiles but also on how you install them. If you are not sure about the best tile pattern for your interior design for home, here are a few ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 06 Herringbone

This tile pattern is rightly named because the pattern is inspired by the bone structure of a Herring fish. In this tile pattern, two rectangular tiles are installed at 45 degrees to each other so that they appear in the V shape. The V shape is repeated in a straight line from one end to the other using multiple rectangular tiles. Next to one column, another set of tiles is installed in the same manner, but the V shape faces the opposite side. Multiple columns are installed in a straight line to cover the entire space. You will notice this design mainly on tile backsplashes and wood tile floor designs of your home. For more visual interest, many people add pigment to the ground so that the grouts get highlighted.

02 of 06 Chevron

Chevron stripes are considered an edgy version of the herringbone pattern. The patterns have a similar V shape but are bolder and more stylish compared to it. Although the patterns are very distinctive, you may get confused between the tiles used for both. In chevron, the tiles are not exactly rectangular shaped. Rather, they are rhombus. In a rhombus-shaped tile, two sides are cut at a 45-degree angle while the other two are cut at 135 degrees. As a result, when the tiles are installed in the same manner as the herringbone pattern, there is continuity in the design. You will mostly find this on wooden tile floors.

03 of 06 Stretcher bond in brick

Stretcher bond patterns are also known as running bond patterns. You must have come across this pattern at some point because this is the most popular brick-laying pattern. In this pattern, the centres of all bricks in one row are positioned at the joining section of two bricks in the next row. The pattern is repeated in a manner that the positioning of the bricks of every alternate row is the same. This gives the pattern a more balanced appearance. The most popular tile installed in this manner is the subway tile. Homeowners prefer this pattern because it has a simple yet very stylish look.

04 of 06 Horizontal stacking

This is one of the simplest and most popular tile patterns you will notice in home interiors. In this pattern, rectangular subway tiles are popularly used. All of them are installed very carefully to ensure that the tiles are set in a straight line, both vertically and horizontally. As a result, the grout lines appear continuous and long. People love this design because of its simple and clean look. Keep in mind that all the rectangular tiles in this pattern are stacked horizontally, meaning that the longer side occupies the breadth. As a result, the room appears vertically spacious. If the rectangular tiles had been installed vertically, the room would have felt taller. This installation style is called vertical stacking.

05 of 06 French pattern

The French pattern of installing tiles is most popular with natural stone and terracotta. This pattern helps to create a serene and neat ambiance in your interior design for home. In this process, both rectangular and square tiles are used. Also, all tiles are not of the same size. A combination of small and large tiles is chosen for this purpose. You can choose any number of tiles and create any design for this purpose. They are used to create the same pattern throughout the entire space that appears like a jigsaw puzzle. You can add more visual interest to this tile design by adding pigment to the ground and highlighting the grouts.

06 of 06 Straight lay pattern

People looking for simple and stylish options choose this pattern. This pattern requires the simplest tile installation process. You just have to add square tiles perfectly aligned in a grid. They all will appear in harmony together. While some people use the same tile for this purpose, others prefer mixing and matching plain and patterned tiles.