Wednesday 6 December 2023
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Setting Up the Right Mood For Your Home This Holiday Season

You are probably well into the Christmas spirit by now, but if you’re not there yet, here’s something that might help. Your home during wintertime should be decorated with lots of lights, tinsel, wreaths, garlands, and other festive decorations. You can use icicle lights for a nice vibrant white light or regular string lights if you want a more mellow color, either way, it will look great! Here are some tips for setting the mood for your home this holiday season!

Setting Up the Table

The first thing you do to set up the mood is set up your table. Get out the party hats, placemats, streamers, etc. Make sure all your plates are matching — it’s nice if they have a bit of color on them, so they don’t blend in with the tablecloth or whatever decor you’re using.

It also helps if there are candles lit at each setting that will start getting everyone into the holiday spirit! If there are lots of people at your home, try putting two candles in each setting instead of one. Make sure your food doesn’t clash with anything else! For example, red cranberry sauce does not go.

Don’t forget to set out a bowl of cranberries or green apples as a centerpiece for your table. It looks great, and the kids will definitely love it!

Eating On The Table

If you’re planning on serving ham or chicken, make sure that you have corn ready to go. You don’t really want people being forced to eat potatoes with nothing else, so try serving something different this year.

The main dish and your side dishes can coincide greatly! Try adding in some truffle oil, balsamic vinegar, and fresh berries into your side dishes — then top it all off with some fried onions and garlic powder right before serving.

Try baking cookies, stuffing them with candy, and serving them in festive tins. It’s possible to find pre-baked ones at the store if you don’t want to bake anything yourself! Warm drinks are also very welcoming during this time of year. Hot chocolate is always great but maybe try something new this year? Iced apple cider could be wonderful too!

Adding Pretty Lights

One of the most important things to add when setting up the mood for your home this winter is lights. Whether you choose to use string lights or icicle lights, it doesn’t matter much — both are nice! Get creative with how you set them up.

For example, you can hang them from a tree branch near your pathway, so people have a nice path to walk on when going from their car into your home! Another idea is to put them in the windows so that everything outside looks all pretty and lit up. Either way, choose a color and go with it!

Put on A Show

During the holidays, it’s nice to put on a few shows for your guests. Maybe play some holiday-themed movies or put on some TV specials! I know that watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” is pretty cliche, but what about one of the newer specials like “Elf”? It doesn’t matter if you watch an old movie or something new; either way, make sure everyone is having fun and feeling great.

You can also add to the Christmas spirit by making your cinema with the help of home automation where you can turn lights on and off with the help of a remote, play the movie as a normal cinema would do, and even dim your lights and set the temperature in the most comfortable way possible. By doing this, you’ll put everyone in a festive mood within the four walls of your house.

Setting The Mood With Music

Music also really helps your guests feel great during the wintertime! Make sure you have a few holiday songs ready to be played on Spotify or Pandora. Just make a playlist online beforehand, and press play while your guests are there — it’ll be nice for them to join in with singing along!

You can even try setting up a karaoke machine but make sure everything is working properly first. It’d be pretty embarrassing if, all of a sudden, no one could hear themselves sing because the karaoke machine is broken or something like that.

Prepare Goodies for Guests to Bring Home

One last thing you might want to do is prepare a few goodies for your guests to take with them. This can mean anything from having some hot cocoa mix ready in a jar with a pretty label to baking up some snack crackers and putting them in a festive bowl — whatever you choose to include that they’ll love. Remember: the more treats people get, the happier they will be!

So are you going to try out a few new recipes? Is it time for a change when it comes to holiday movies and songs? Whatever it is, everyone wants a holiday season that’s full of happiness! So have fun with everyone around and enjoy the season!