Tuesday 23 July 2024
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Simple Steps to Downsizing

Most people generally have too many things—too many things that they don’t have any use, space, or purpose. It’s challenging to get rid of these items because people often feel like they’ve invested in them, and it is a waste to get rid of them.

But here’s an interesting phenomenon: when people leave nursing homes or independent living facilities, they bring very little of their things during the move. They only bring their clothing, memorable photos, and some sentimental items. That’s it. These people have lived significantly longer lives, yet they only value very few of their personal belongings.

How Downsizing Can Help

What this says is that downsizing can help you. It can help you focus on what you want, need, and what’s good for you. Downsizing and leaving only what you need and what makes you happy can benefit you in more ways than one. This is why the Konmari method is trendy. But suppose you’re not very keen on throwing everything out until you only have the bare minimum to live. Or imagine you’re a young professional starting your independent life who’s lost on what to do. It can be tough to downsize.

In this article, you’re going to take a look at what you can do to downsize, both for happiness and practicality.

Get Three to Four Dish Sets

Have at least three to four glasses, plates, bowls, silverware, and others. You have enough to use for yourself and just a little more to serve guests. With having too much, you’d be constantly cleaning a lot of dishes. Go for plain or neutral designs, so they don’t look too tacky or out of place in your cabinet. Having neutral designs makes them apt for different kinds of events and occasions too.

Get Multi-purpose Appliances Instead

There are many juicer-blender combos, microwave-and-oven machines, and even breakfast devices that can toast bread, make coffee, and cook eggs simultaneously. Buy these devices instead of bulky, single-use items that will not only take up counter space. With multi-purpose appliances, you might not get the specialized ability to be good at one task. But if you’re not very particular about your coffee, toast, or juice, then having a functioning one should be more than enough.

Keep the Clothes You Wear

When it comes to clothing, it’s wiser to keep the type of clothing you wear. Think of the clothes you grab first whenever you need to go out and think of which ones you genuinely like to wear. You’ll realize that there is some clothing you don’t wear at all. If they’re seasonal clothing items or for special occasions, that’s fine. But when they’re regular shirts you haven’t worn in years, maybe it’s time to donate or sell that.

Empty Your Bathroom

Here’s another interesting thing that you might not be aware of: bathrooms can also get cluttered. Often, people buy their bathroom supplies and jam them underneath their bathroom storage cabinet. Others pile empty shampoo bottles and other things on the toilet’s tank. Clear those off! Throw away the empty ones, or combine the matching contents in one bottle. Leaving those things in your bathroom might end up with you having to call a plumbing contractor when something falls in your toilet and ends up clogging your pipes.

Keep Your TV System Clean

Getting new CRT TVs is almost impossible nowadays, so you’re most likely going to have a flatscreen TV. There’s very little reason to get a TV rack if you can opt to mount it on your wall. This will be much easier on your eyes and will save a lot of space. To compliment your wall-mounted TV, get a centerpiece you can put underneath. It’s often a small table where you place your gaming consoles or other electronics. This will hide the wires and cords that will break the clean aesthetics.

Plain but Effective Lighting

Suppose there’s something that will tie your downsizing interior aesthetic together. In that case, it’s the lighting. Get a floor lamp, a wall sconce, or another floor lamp for your living room. Get bedside lamps, and change out all the old and dim lamps. This will make the house brighter (if so desired), and because there are many light sources, it’s easy to control if you want it dimmer or not.

Downsizing your home or going into an independent life with the intent to keep things small is a great way to reduce expenses. It can also help you refocus and find some organization in your life.