Saturday 18 May 2024
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Small Solar Panels: Mini Uses and Practical Applications

Thanks to state and federal incentives, the cost of installing solar has decreased by around 50% in recent years. Yet, solar panel prices remain firmly out of reach for many homeowners.

The good news is you can still save money on your energy bills by harnessing small solar panels to power some appliances.

Find out more about these innovative energy solutions and their many applications for daily life.

About Small Solar Panels

Small solar panels have dimensions less than two by four feet and generate less than 100 watts of power. These small panels fall into three main categories, namely:

Mini Solar Panels

These tiny solar panels work to power small electrical devices like calculators. They’re cheap, weigh less than 100 grams and measure up to 8.85 x 5.12 inches.

Low-Wattage Solar Panels

Ranging from 50 to 200 watts, these solar panels work well for RVs, boats, and other off-grid applications. They can run several appliances at once.

It’s easy to add more panels if your existing setup doesn’t power all the electronics you need.

Portable Solar Gadgets

These solar panels are permanently integrated into various gadgets like solar backpacks or lights. They’re available in many of the same sizes as mini and low-wattage solar panels.

Many of the portable versions are flexible solar panels that bend according to where you want to use them. You can even buy solar cloth that rolls up so for easier transportation.

While it’s always best to get in touch with a solar company near you for residential solar installations, you can easily install small solar panels yourself if needed.

Uses for Small Solar Panels

These versatile low-power solar panels suit very many applications, both indoors and outside. These are some of the most common ones:

Garden, Home, and Garage Solar Panels

You can use solar panels to power your garage door, garden lighting, and electric fences. Interestingly, you can buy robotic solar panel cleaners powered by small solar panels nowadays.

You can also power some appliances inside your home using these solar panels, although most are only powerful enough to cope with one item at a time.

If you live in an energy-efficient tiny home, a 100W panel might manage to run all your basic appliances.

Solar Panels for Camping

Camping solar panels must be sturdy, weatherproof, and waterproof. Many outdoor enthusiasts opt for flexible panels, as you can attach these to any surface.

You’ll also find many portable solar gadgets suited to outdoor endeavors. These include power banks for charging electronics, lights, flashlights, radios, and cookers.

Going Solar Gradually

If you can’t afford a full solar installation right now, small solar panels can help you start saving on your electricity bills. The less energy you use in your home, the smaller and cheaper installation you’ll require.

As solar power becomes more diverse and widespread, you’ll find installers offering increasingly affordable and attractive packages.

Are you eager to increase your home’s energy efficiency? Browse our blog for more information on how to improve your home’s beauty and functionality from the inside out.