Saturday 18 May 2024
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Tools and Tips for Proper Hardwood Floor Maintenance

There is no need to spend money rebuilding and renovating your wood floor when you can prevent damage in the first place. If you’ve just installed new wood or are considering installing it, this is the perfect time to learn how to clean hardwood properly and avoid costly repaints in the future. Follow these tips, and your floor will look as new as the day it was installed.

A well-maintained floor will last long

A long time ago! There are examples of old wood floors from all over the country that have been in excellent condition for decades and even after more than 100 years of use. As an organic material, wood floors can deteriorate from water and wear and tear, but this can be prevented or put off for a long time. There is nothing in wood floors to suggest that they should deteriorate; with proper floor maintenance. To keep your floor beautiful and reduce wear and tear, it just needs to be cared for properly.

These dry mops are beautiful and soft, so they don’t damage the finish and cover a large surface area, making floor cleaning faster. And they collect all kinds of dirt and sand without using water. They can be shaken outdoors or washed with a cotton ball in cold water. Do not use a straw broom. While they look great with your fireplace corner decor, the bristles on these types of brooms are too stiff and leave small scratches that will gradually remove the finish.

Washing wooden floors with water

Can wooden floors be washed with water? It is because the floor will not crumble if you use a damp paper towel to clean up spilled Punch from time to time. However, do not pour buckets of water onto a wooden floor and wipe it down like a tiled or linoleum floor. It’s not advisable to water the wood (think of a toothpick that sits in your mouth for too long), but the glossy finish will usually become dull before the wood is damaged. And if the coating is old and worn out, repeated water ingress on the tree will have a negative effect.

Dirt accumulates in the crevices of the wooden floor

While sweeping, watch for gaps between planks or around skirting boards where you may see or expect dirt to build up. Over time, dirt not only stays there and becomes unhealthy, but over time can cause pressure as more and more dirt gets into it, especially if it gets wet. Ultimately this can lead to further separation of the boards. If you see areas where this happens, contact your local wood flooring company to see if they can be filled.

Regular checks on hardwood floors

Apart from noticeable wear and tear, other natural moments for a professional floor assessment can be when renovating a kitchen or buying, selling, or renting a home.


These are just a few life experiences that will likely make you remember your wood floor, but it is helpful if you consider the care and condition of your floor so that it remains well-groomed and beautiful for years to come.