Saturday 18 May 2024
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Ways You Can Refinish A Wood Deck

When you want to sell your home and make it look amazing for your potential clients, the best thing to do is to make sure your deck looks amazing and is well polished. To refinish your deck, you need to do several things to get that shine. Some of the things you need to do to get that amazing shine includes; examining and restoration, cleaning, sealing and sanding. However, you need to know that not all decks require this process; some need to be cleaned and restored. If your deck starts wearing out and looking terrible, it is time to find a way out and make it look presentable.

What to know before you start

Before you decide to refinish your deck, you need to inspect it before knowing what you will do to make it better. It would help if you looked out for loose surface boards or any rotting on the wood. In case your deck is rotten, you will need to replace the material on the deck before you refinish your deck. The intensity of your deck will make you know the amount of repair your deck requires. In case your deck has a transparent wood stain, all you need to do is to wash the surface with a wood deck cleaner.

Select your Deck Finish Well

If your deck is made of fine wood, mahogany or cedar, the best thing to do is to use a clear waterproof. The advantage of this is that the waterproof lacks UV absorbers.

In case your deck is bleached, use a tinted waterproofer. This waterproofer safeguards your deck from water and mildew. Your deck will also look new at all times, and it won’t fade.

Washing your deck well

Before you polish your deck, you must wash your deck first. The best thing is to use a stiff brush for the cleaning. Once you have read through all the precautions that you are required to follow then, you will be able to know how you will clean your deck. You could also decide to use pressurised water to get the job done.

Applying the stain

The moment you have cleaned your deck and repaired it, the best thing to do is add a protective layer to them. When the deck is clear, the best option is for you to apply a transparent stain, and in case your deck is a bit old, the best option is to add a semi-transparent stain on it. This will give it the shine it once had. To get that amazing look, you need to start from the inside before completing the outer part.


When you want to clean your deck refinishing  Los Angeles, you need to look into the things above so that you can know the right ways that you could clean them and make them look new once again. Make sure you follow each procedure well enough to get the best out of your decks.