Tuesday 23 July 2024
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What Makes a Home Well-Rounded and Luxurious?

Anyone who finds themselves with a massive amount of wealth will do well to invest in their home. Your home is where you rest, sleep, eat, and live your day-to-day life. The COVID-19 pandemic has also shown people that their homes are their sanctuary when the world caves in.

If you’re going to dream about the house of your wildest dreams, you might as well go for broke (but not that broke, hopefully). Here are a few features of a well-rounded and luxurious home or estate:

  1. Fitness or Sports Center

Another thing that the COVID-19 crisis has taught the world is that your health is everything. You might lose your money, home, and other material possessions. Still, if you lose your physical and mental well-being, you lose everything.

One of the marks of a well-rounded and luxurious home is a fully-equipped gym or fitness or sports center that allows the home’s occupants to get their sweat on. If you love sports, why not get equipment for it? Basketball is a great way to burn calories with jumping and running. So why not get a basketball court built? Suppose you have some extra space in your backyard for tennis. Tennis is a great way to train hand-eye coordination and tone your muscle. So why not get a tennis court resurfacing for your lawn? The best part is that these courts are still wide, open spaces, so you can still add or remove gym equipment as necessary.

  1. Great room

The pandemic started the debate about whether the open floor space plan is on its way out of interior design trends. But time has shown that not even a deadly virus can take this floor layout of a style. The whole concept behind the open floor space plan is that all the common rooms come together. That means the living room, kitchen, and dining table are in one open space together, commonly referred to as the great room.

When thinking of your dream home, don’t settle for anything less than high ceilings and a massive great room where you, your family, and guests can commune together for some fun talks and good food. The whole point of the plan is for family members and visitors to come together, and it is one of the marks of a luxurious and modern home.

  1. Technology

The other mark of a luxurious dream home is technology or having smart home features. Here are some parts of a smart home:

  • Advanced home network or the “Internet of Things” (IoT): It’s all about having the ability to control various devices in your house through automation. Essentially, an advanced home network acts like your house’s central nervous system. This system works to connect the different moving parts of your automated system to work together seamlessly.
  • Remote access: Remote access allows homeowners to unlock doors, turn on video surveillance, and even entertainment systems. You can do this through your smartphone or device and wherever you are in the world.
  • Advanced security: In the digital age, smart home security is an automated and upgraded version of the more traditional home security systems. One example is a surveillance system that can identify if an unknown person is a guest or a stranger.
  • Automated window treatments and lighting control: This feature can save homeowners so much money on electricity bills. This system can detect when an occupant is leaving the room and thus automatically shuts off the lights. It can even determine if the entire family is out of the house to turn off automatically and, therefore, maximize energy savings. The same thing applies to automated window treatments, which can control the lighting to match the outdoors perfectly.
  • Distributed audio: This feature allows homeowners to enjoy the club experience, with all its lights and sounds, from the comfort of their homes.
  1. Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

Luxurious homes often try to copy the amenities of five-star hotels. This is why an outdoor bar and kitchen beside the swimming pool is a dream come true for most homeowners, especially for those who love entertaining guests. Some top amenities include a sink, a stainless area to prepare food, a built-in gas grill, a refrigerator for drinks, and food storage.

This dream home feature will complete an elegant patio where people can enjoy some fun conversations over food, especially during the summer. Other additions that can truly make a pool area feel like a five-star getaway are hot tubs, changing cabanas, and spas.

If you have the money and are considering a safe investment, why not opt for luxury real estate? It will help expand your portfolio, and it’s potentially self-liquidating, especially if you come across a more exclusive and prime piece of property. Whether you choose to flip a mansion, invest internationally, or live in the home yourself, there is always an option that will allow you to dip your toes in this market without losing all your life’s savings.