Tuesday 23 July 2024
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What to Expect for Your Foundation Inspection in Mobile AL

Have you noticed cracks in your exterior foundation walls, uneven floors, or sinking windows in your home in Mobile, AL? If so, it’s time to call us to have your foundation inspected; we can identify any foundation issues you have and the best way to deal with them.

What Does Your Home’s Foundation Do?

A foundation in good condition is what holds your house stable and in good condition. It keeps out moisture, anchors it against extreme weather, insulates against cold, and resists movement of the ground around it. Three main types of foundations are commonly used in Mobile, AL, and contractors determine which is best for your home depending on the type of soil you have. Click here for more information about your home’s foundation.

Three Main Types Of Foundations:

  • Concrete slab foundation
  • Basement foundation
  • Crawl space foundation

Signs It’s Time For A Foundation Inspection

The most apparent sign is bulging or bowing foundation walls; the walls should always be straight. Another sign’s time for an inspection is if you notice cracks in your foundation that are more than ⅛ of an inch in your concrete or standing water near the foundational walls.

Sloping floors are another sign that you need to have an inspection; however, this is something hard to notice, especially for people who aren’t trained. A quick ball test can help you determine how to level your house’s foundation. If the ball rolls across the room, this is a clear indication that your floor may be sloped, and it’s time to call us to inspect your home’s foundation.

Who Should Do Foundation Inspections in Mobile, AL?

While anyone can walk around your home and show you cracks or bowing walls in your foundation, not just anyone will know what’s causing the problem or the best way to fix it.

A foundation inspector is trained to understand how foundations can break down and the best, most cost-effective way to repair them. In extreme cases, repair may not be possible, but a good foundation inspector can help you understand your situation, safety concerns, and possible solutions.

What Happens During An Inspection?

Typically, six steps happen when we inspect your home in Mobile, AL. Depending on your property, you can expect one of our foundation inspectors to be there between one to two hours. Once we arrive, we’ll talk to you and ask what your main concerns are and what signs you noticed that made you call for the inspection.

Six Steps you can expect while we’re at your home.

  • The Exterior Perimeter

Once we’ve talked to you, we’ll walk around the exterior of your home and look for areas that bulge because they may indicate an uneven load. Your home’s substructure should always be flush and level. We’ll also measure any cracks and take pictures of them and any water pooling around your home, which may cause shifting soil.

  • The Interior Of Your House

We will then inspect the interior walls of your home to identify any signs that the foundation of your home may need repairs. In some cases, there may not be any cracks; however the walls may not be level, or there may be other indications they are out of place. Our professional inspectors will then check the floors and watch for any signs they are not level and areas where there are any bulges or dips.

  • Windows and Doors

We will check your windows and doors for any sticking or unevenness that’s not due to humidity levels. Your doors should open and close smoothly; if they are jammed or sticking, this could indicate an uneven foundation.

  • Check The Interior Foundation Walls

Our professional foundation inspector will check the crawl space under your house or your basement, depending on the type of foundation. We will look for any indication of moisture or mold which can lead to further damage to the foundation.

  • Check Pipes

If we discover moisture, we will check the pipes under your home to identify any leaks. If we find any leaks, you’ll need to hire a plumber to inspect and repair any issues.

  • Inspection of Substructure Supports

Checking the substructure supports is one of the most essential parts of a foundation inspection. This system should be in good condition with no buckling.

Once we are done inspecting your foundation, we will explain any issues we found during the inspection, plus provide you with a written report. We will also recommend the best ways to repair the foundation and what maintenance and prevention steps you can take to prevent further damage.

Cost Of Foundation Inspection

A foundation inspection can cost anywhere between $300 to $1,000, including the assessment and written report. The cost depends on several factors, including the size of your home and ease of access to the foundation.