Wednesday 6 December 2023
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8 Types of Spray Paints to Try in 2022

Many people are choosing spray paints over conventional paintbrushes and rollers today for their home renovation. Spray paints are liquid paints filled in aerosol cans. They are convenient as they help you paint a larger surface in less time. Spray paints come in different textures like flat, semi-gloss, gloss, high gloss, satin and metallic.

If you are a DIYer, then you must have tried your luck with spray painting. Though spray painting is easy, you must know the basics of it if you are a beginner. Lucky for you, we have brought to you a brief guide to different types of spray paints that you can try in 2022.

Different Types of Spray Paints 

You must keep in mind that the choice of spray paint depends on various factors like your type of project, the finish that you want and your budget.  Here are 8 popular types of spray paints that you can try.

  1. General-purpose 

If you want a versatile DIY paint that will work on almost any surface both indoor and outdoor, then look no further than this type of spray paint. This spray paint can be used on many different materials like wood, stone, etc.

  1. Lacquer

People who want a hard and durable paint finish can consider checking out this type of spray paint. Lacquer spray paint needs several coats and you must sand the surface after every coat, making the painting work time-consuming.

  1. High- heat 

As the name suggests, these paints are highly heat resistant and they can withstand a temperature of over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, this type of spray paint is used to paint the exterior of the oven, microwave and stoves.

  1. Epoxy

This type of spray paint consists of adhesives and polymers. People who are looking for paint for their space that is resistant to stains must consider buying epoxy paint. However, you must keep in mind that this paint is also highly resistant to household cleaners. This means that it makes cleaning and maintaining the walls difficult.

  1. Chalkboard 

Are you looking for a fun DIY paint for your kid’s room? If yes, then you must consider the chalkboard type of spray paint for your kid’s room. This type of paint converts a wall into a dry erase board. The best part about this type of spray paint is that it can convert not just your regular walls but also wood, metal, glass and plastic surfaces into a chalkboard surface.

  1. Enamel 

Enamel paints are popularly used for outdoor furniture as they can withstand harsh climatic conditions. They are highly durable and dry in no time. The best part about this spray paint is that it is resistant to moisture, making them perfect for surfaces that are perpetually exposed to water or constantly need to be washed. Enamel paints are versatile and you can use them on glass, metal, glass, wood and plastic surfaces.

  1. Frosted

Frosted spray paints are commonly used on transparent surfaces to make them semi-transparent for privacy purposes. When sprayed, it makes a surface misty and looks like frosted glass. The hard finish of the frosted spray paints makes them easy to clean and store.

  1. Acrylic 

Acrylic paints are durable and they are water-resistant. They are water-based paints and are quick drying. They dry to a matte finish and are ideal for small indoor objects. If you are looking for a spray paint for your home renovation that will give you a glossy finish and comes in a variety of shades, then this is the perfect fit for you.

A pro tip to follow while spray painting is to use several light coats instead of heavy coats as heavy coats may cause paint drips or lead to uneven coating.

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