Saturday 18 May 2024
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Property Payoff: Tips To Increase Resale Value

Though few families consider it in the moment, home renovation projects double as potential resale value drivers when the time comes to sell a home. So, while a renovation may increase the quality of life for your family around the home while you all live in it; will it create the same value for the next family that will eventually occupy your home? Many renovation projects or small changes that families decide to do often feel ubiquitous in that most families will find value in them. However, larger scale projects that are more personalized will often require new owners to redo them to fit their family’s needs. If you were interested in projects that both drive your home’s resale value and provide some much needed visual or structural respite, consider these options: fresh coats of paint in bedrooms, bathrooms or the kitchen; newly built and installed accents walls in common rooms of the home; or even a fireplace makeover are all solid options. Remember, it’s most important to attempt to make these changes from an unbiased perspective, a perspective that is neutral enough to inspire the changes that will draw in potential buyers when the time comes.  That way, any changes made will be good for your family, the next and the one that follows after that. For more information on the types of home renovation projects you can leverage for resale value, please see the resource paired alongside this post.

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