Saturday 18 May 2024
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Top Design Trends for Beach House Remodels – Florida Edition

Setting up a beach property is like nothing else. You want to create a symphony between the interior and exterior and match the atmosphere inside your home with the salty ocean and the sound of waves. Beach home designs are unique in so many ways. They accentuate the positive well-being energy inside the property, making the stay as pleasant as possible. In this article, we’ll share some ideas on incorporating design trends into your beach property and giving your Florida home a timeless look. Here are the top design trends for beach house remodels you can use for your property in 2023.

About coastal homes in Florida

Given its climate and direct access to the ocean, Florida makes a perfect place to live close to the beach/ Coastal homes are very common on the market, and are a staple in this part of the country. However, coastal homes come in different build and design styles, shapes, and sizes, so different trends can be applied to such properties. Coastal contemporary is the style you’ll see the most, with modern lines combined with natural elements to create a relaxing vibe and blend with the surroundings.  Coastal homes in Florida usually come in subtle, muted colors and neutral décor that gives off a relaxing beach vibe. Coastal homeowners love to play with textures instead of colors, so you can see elements of stone, wood, and sand all over these properties. Let’s see some ideas you can use for your next beach house remodel – and make a trendy home where you’ll feel the true laidback lifestyle of Florida.

Minimalism – the Coastal edition

Very often, homeowners overuse the term coastal and add too many elements that symbolize the beach. Too many nautical home décor items and seashells can make your home cheap and oversaturated with beach elements. It’s best to keep it light and go minimal with coastal décor. Try to make a balance by using materials that remind you of the beach instead of common symbols of it. Incorporate elements of coastal nature into objects such as pillowcases, picture frames, décor baskets, and other items that bring coziness to the space. Find those items in materials such as wood, bamboo, and rope and blend them seamlessly into your home décor. Natural, sustainable elements are a major house trend not only in coastal homes but generally in home design for 2023, so it’s something you can’t go wrong with.

Go with high ceiling

Your home may have an attic, but think about if you really need it. Removing the attic space can make a huge difference to the space below. Big Man’s Moving Company experts advise storing your items in a safe storage unit rather than in your home, where you can enjoy more space and comfort. You can achieve a more spacious, airy look that’s perfect for beach homes. A high ceiling with wooden beams is one of the top trends with coastal properties and can elevate the whole space. Wooden beams go well with neutral tones, so it’s best to stay with whites, beiges, or a similar color palette for the walls.

Remember: neutrals are common in coastal homes, yet they don’t need to be dull. A pop of color is allowed here and there, especially if you opt for light-colored, neutral walls. You can even pick a wall to color differently, add an interesting mural, or put wallpaper. Be creative while staying within a chic color palette.

Create nooks

High ceilings and a spacious home are perfect for a big family or friends gathering, as you can now have a roomy living room, dining room, and kitchen together. However, a special nook where you can be alone with your thoughts on a rainy day is also highly appreciated. Have a space where you can escape, read a favorite book and simply unwind in a comfy chair. This can be a reading nook or even a home office in an unused corner of a room, space under the stairs, or even a bay window or an alcove. Bonus tip – if possible, create a reading nook with a view. It will be your favorite part of the house!

Open-floor concept

If your beach property doesn’t come with an open-floor layout, consider creating one with the next remodel.  Such a layout that includes living space, dining room and kitchen all in one makes it easier to manage the space, have family gatherings, and look after the kids as you cook or clean. The open-floor concept is perfect for people who like socializing and frequently invite their friends over for some quality beach time. However, don’t forget that such projects include a lot of dust and mess, so be sure to remove your belongings in a safe place before the work starts. Luckily, experts can do it in a heartbeat, so you can focus on the remodel rather than packing or cleaning your items from all the dust and dirt.

Outdoor shower

If you have a beach home, make sure you do your best to adjust it to your coastal lifestyle. Direct access to the beach should be used as much as possible, so creating an outdoor shower is a very practical thing to do. You’ll have a place to wash off the salt and sand from your skin without making a mess in your home, but you can also use it for a quick refreshment in Florida’s sun. Use durable materials that can resist salty water and sunshine, and won’t fade or deteriorate that easily. Use quality wood to add shower panels and make an enclosure or privacy screen for changing clothes. Add greenery as a final touch to have your own green oasis in the backyard, and you’re good to go!

Indoor/outdoor kitchen

As you’ll be spending more time outside while in Florida, it’s good to have an outdoor kitchen to prepare a quick snack or make drinks. If this project is out of your budget or simply there’s not enough space, try to extend your kitchen outside. This can be done with huge sliding windows and doors that instantly make your kitchen available from the outside, but also with some outdoor furniture where your family can have a meal. This will also let more natural light inside, making this project even more practical.

Spring is coming, which means beach house remodels are happening all around Florida. Consider these design trends and turn your home into a coastal oasis the whole family will enjoy.

Meta: Ready to refresh your Florida beach house? Consider these design trends for beach house remodels and turn your home into a beautiful coastal property.