Saturday 18 May 2024
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Why Interior Designers Should Take Advantage of IoT Tech

Experts have predicted that by 2025 over 30.9 Billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). If you are not sure what that means it is very simple. The farther that we all move into the future, the more devices that we will all have connected to the IoT, which is simply the connection of devices that contain sensors, software, and other forms of technology that allow them to talk to each other.

Before we know it, all business transactions will be conducted online. All our houses will be connected through smart home systems. To be successful as an interior designer you need to stay ahead of the game. Let’s discuss a few reasons why so you can see the direction that you need to be going in.

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IoT Use for Virtual Placements

You have probably seen some of the online platforms that allow you to see what different colors of paint would look like in your room, or how a piece of furniture would fit into your style and pattern. As an interior decorator you need to be able to show people what you are talking about. The days of people trusting your word for a design is gone. The future of the industry will come down to who has the best programs and virtual platforms.

IoT and the Smart Home

Smart homes are the future of the world. Many of the new houses going up are being designed with smart capabilities designed into them. If you already own a home, you can easily have the equipment added to your home. You can go all the way and have a smart control hub that controls everything from the lights to the security system. Or, you can add specific things that you want, such as automatic lights that turn off and on through the use of sensors and a smart switch.

As an interior decorator you need to be well versed on all the innovative technology, and how it can be used inside the home. Your clients will need to have a good internet system so have them use an online comparison platform, such as iSelect, and choose the one that offers the best service for the price. Keep in mind that you will need to make sure the internet has enough speed and bandwidth to handle a smart home set-up.

IoT Makes Life Easy

If you have been around for a few decades, you will remember how convenient the “Clapper” was. You could be lying in bed reading and once you get tired you could clap your hands and the lights would go out. Having a smart home is like that, but much better.

Depending on the level of smart devices that you have hooked up to IoT you can make your life easier than you could have ever imagined. Lights can be turned on and off through sensors that react to movement. You can have smart appliances that can be set up to go on and off at specific times. Such as having the dishwasher do its thing while you are at work, leaving clean dishes for you when you get home.

Final Thoughts

As an interior decorator you need to know what the current trends are, as well as the ones that will be coming up. The more knowledgeable you are the more successful your business will be. IoT is going to be the way of the future. If you doubt that walk down a city street and look around. You will see people of every walk of life with some type of mobile device. In their pockets, in their hands, and mostly in their faces as they hustle around between work and food.

Use the technology that allows the client the ability to see what you are talking about before they actual pay for your service. Take advantage of online ordering platforms that can offer a savings for both of you, and always push smart home devices because it saves the clients time, money in the long run, and will make their lives easier at home after they put in a hard day at work.